August 29, 2016

Grateful Geezers Club Dates
5Kemah Boardwalk Plaza Stage6-10Kemah, TX

6Private Party-

12Conroe Recreation Center6:30-10Conroe, TX281-384-8480

13Private Party-

19Private Party-

26Conroe Recreation Center6:30-10:00Conroe, TX281-384-8480

27Railean Distillary/Buccaneer Bar6-10341 5th Street, San Leon, TX713-545-2742
3Private Party-

10Private Party-

16Kemah Boardwalk Plaza Stage6-10Kemah, TX

24Riverstone's 15th Anniversary11-218353 University Blvd, Sugarland, TX
`For more info or bookings call Cliff's cell 281-728-4605
August 29, 2016

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